Fluoride Treatment


Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride has radically reduced the number of cavities that people of all ages experience. It simultaneously protects teeth from sugar and plaque bacteria while also helping treat decay in its earliest stages.

This is particularly beneficial for children who are still learning how to properly take care of their teeth.

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Why Get Fluoride Treatment at the Dentist?

Fluoride’s salutary properties have already made it a popular addition to:

  • Toothpastes
  • Mouthwashes
  • Local Water Supplies

That said, getting it at our office can provide even more benefits. We’re able to provide it at a higher concentration in a safe environment.

Who Needs Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatment is particularly useful for young children because we want to ensure their teeth are protected while they’re still developing.

Along with protecting against cavities, it can also prevent root decay. If we think your child is a good candidate for treatment, we’ll let you know during one of their regular visits. While it can help address mild amounts of decay, once a child has cavities, we will need to give them fillings.

Need Fluoride Treatment in Morton, Illinois?

We’re Morton’s dental clinic of choice. For years, our team of dental experts have combined the latest dental methodologies with personalized care to ensure that patients get the care they need. We’re happy to treat patients of all ages.

Have any questions you’d like to ask us? Ready to book your child’s appointment? Please do so via the information on our contact page. We’re excited to hear from you!