TMJ Treatment


TMJ Treatment

If you're feeling pain in your jaw, there may be an issue with your temporomandibular joint. There are more than three million cases of TMJ disorders (TMD) every year, so it’s a common condition. While it’s often treatable, you should visit a dentist to put your mind at ease.

When not addressed, TMD can cause long-term hearing loss. Learn more about TMD and how we treat it.

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When to Visit a Dentist for TMD

TMD is often accompanied by jaw pain. You may also notice a clicking noise when you open or close your mouth. If your jaw is stuck in place, you should visit our office as soon as possible to get an examination.

There are certain risk factors that can increase your risk of a TMJ disorder. These include bruxism, arthritis, jaw injury, and genetics.

What Treatments Can You Get for TMJ?

The best TMJ treatment will vary depending on the cause of the disorder and its severity. The three most common forms of treatment are:

Our goals are twofold: we want to relieve your discomfort while also ensuring that your jaw is properly aligned. In mild cases, you may not need to realign your jaw. In other cases, physical therapy may be necessary.

Looking for TMJ Treatment in Morton, Illinois?

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