Emergency Exams


Emergency Exams

Typically, we ask patients to schedule an appointment with us. That said, emergencies happen, and sometimes you can’t wait for an appointment. In these situations, Morton Dental Center is here to ensure you get the care you need.

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Why Do Patients Need Emergency Exams?

If you’re suffering from severe dental pain, an exam can help you get the relief you need. You may also need one because your mouth is bleeding uncontrollably, or you were hit in the mouth with enough force to require immediate treatment.

While you can go to the ER for extreme dental pain, we recommend getting an emergency exam with a dentist instead. We have the training and experience necessary to provide you with treatment. Along with helping resolve the pain, our treatments also consider your long-term oral health.

What to Expect During an Emergency Exam

There are a few different things we’re trying to achieve during an emergency exam. We want to:

  • Determine the source of the issue
  • Provide relief from the pain you’re experiencing.
  • Ensure your long-term oral health is preserved.

What this looks like will vary depending on the injury in question.

For instance, if you have a chipped tooth, we will likely try to either reattach it, fill it, or put a crown on it. To take another example, if you’re experiencing facial swelling, we’ll have to find the source of the infection before providing treatment.

Need an Emergency Exam in Morton, Illinois?

Morton Dental Center is here for you. We want to make sure people get the dental care they need, when they need it. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today via our contact page.