If you’re missing one or more teeth, implants may be the solution. They function very similarly to natural teeth, allowing you to eat and speak as you normally would. Learn more about this procedure, including who’s a good candidate for it.

dental implants in morton, illinois

Who’s a Good Candidate for Implants?

There are several kinds of replacement teeth that we use, including dentures and bridges. To determine what’s best suited to your needs, we take these into account:

  • Jawbone Density – You need enough jawbone density to properly anchor the implants.
  • Gum Health – Your gums need to be strong enough to surround and support the implant.
  • Number of Missing Teeth - We install an implant for each missing tooth, so the more that are missing, the less cost-effective this strategy is.

When you come to your office, we’ll be happy to examine your mouth to determine which form of replacement teeth is right for you.

Living with Implants

Implants are one of the most durable tooth replacement methods, generally lasting for 10-20 years. That said, you will need to maintain good oral hygiene: flossing, brushing, and getting regular dental cleanings.

This is important for ensuring that your gums and jawbone are healthy enough to support the implants in the long term.

Looking for Implants in Morton, Illinois?

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