If your teeth are damaged or need to be replaced, crowns may be the solution. Also known as caps, they can strengthen teeth or implants and cover any imperfections.

Are crowns right for you? Let's look at whether they’re the right option for your situation.

dental crowns in morton, illinois

Who’s a Good Candidate for Crowns?

There are several different kinds of dental restorations we can use if you need to have tooth material replaced:

Which method the dentist chooses will vary depending on the amount of natural tooth material you have. Small amounts of decay, for instance, may be better addressed with fillings. Implants and bridges, on the other hand, are used for teeth that need to be replaced.

Crowns are ideal for teeth that need to be protected.

Living with Crowns

Crowns don’t require major dietary changes. You should be able to eat and drink as you normally would. That said, they’re not designed for chewing non-food items. For this reason, we advise against chewing your nails, pencils, and so on. You also shouldn’t use them to open bags or chew on ice.

Need Crowns in Morton, Illinois?

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