Custom aligners are a series of clear, custom-fit removable mouth trays that straighten your teeth. Many patients prefer them to braces because of their look and convenience.

Learn who’s a good candidate for aligners and what you can expect if you choose to get this treatment.

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Who’s a Good Candidate for Aligners?

There are many reasons why candidates choose to get aligners. These include:

  • Bite Disorders (e.g., Overbite, Underbite)
  • Gaps
  • Crooked Teeth

Along with the aesthetic value of having straight teeth, there are also situations where resolving crowding or crookedness can resolve speech, eating, or oral health issues.

Please note that aligners are specifically designed to move your teeth or maintain their current position. If you’re looking for an oral appliance that can protect you while playing sports, you’ll need to get a mouth guard.

Living with Aligners

Aligners are designed to be incredibly easy to live with. You can take them off while you’re eating or at the dentist. The fact that they’re see-through means that many people won’t even notice you have them.

Many patients need to wear aligners for roughly six months to a year, but this varies from case to case. Your dentist will discuss the timeline with you during the initial consultation. To keep this timeline, it’s important that you wear your aligners as much as possible when not eating.

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