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Why our Patients love us

“Two accidents at the age of 12 left me with two broken front teeth. I began wearing crowns, but every decade I would have to have them replaced as my mouth changed and shrank to expose the dental work beneath the crowns and exposed gaps in my teeth. Fortunately, I eventually found Dr. Grimm. When it came time for my routine crown replacement, she asked me if would be interested in improving my smile in a more permanent way, and I was ecstatic with the possibility! Dr. Grimm explained the procedure to me and asked me to choose from photos. How many people get to choose the look of their smile? Since my smile makeover, I can say I smile much more easily, but more importantly, my youthful smile is a healthy smile. If you are thinking about changing your smile for any reason, I highly recommend Dr. Grimm’s professional and artful talent. She is an expert in her craft. I have not had one moment of regret about my decision to recreate my smile. My advice to you would be: “Don’t put off your new smile – put it on, today!”

Leah McWhorter